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Richmond Online Features & Archives

These pages form an archive of various projects we have covered on the Richmond Online over the years. Some of the pages have been developed with the help of sponsorship from local businesses and organisations involved in the organisation of the projects.

ROL Archive Pages

These sections below are no longer updated but may still be of interest to some of our users.

Richmond Swale community Initiative 2003 - 2013

Easby Riverside Restoration Project
A community group who successfully restored the river bank at Easby and therefore saving the Easby footpath.

Repair work at Richmond Falls
Strengthening and repair of the retaining wall at the Richmond Fosse, May-August 2004.

Friary Tower Restoration
Restored for the town in 2001/2003.

St Anne's Convent Development
Redevelopment of the Convent 2000 - 2003

Rebuilding Mercury Bridge
When Mercury bridge collapsed in June 2000 - Full photographic record of the reconstruction.

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Richmond Online Archive Pages

Richmond Online Archive Pages