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About Richmond Online - Frequently asked questions - Advertising Costs

Who, What & Why

Put simply, because we love where we live! (well, who wouldn't! ;-)

Richmond Online is the community web site for Richmond, designed and maintained by Andy Russell of Moonburst. It was created in order to promote Richmond to a global audience, to encourage visitors to the town and to produce a centre of information for the local community.


In 1999 this web site was handed over to Richmond Online Limited, a partnership between Richmond Town Council, Richmond Business & Tourism Association and The Richmond Partnership. This encouraged greater communication between the three organisations with the common purpose of increasing Richmond's profile.

In 2007 the web site was handed back to Moonburst in order to continue its development and it remains today an important asset for Richmond and its community.

How is Richmond Online Funded?

Richmond Online is privately funded through advertising and sponsorship along with the continued input of time and money from Moonburst.

If you find this web site useful, please think about donating to Richmond Online

Is Richmond Online part of Richmond Town Council?

For a number of years the Town Council was a major partner and supporter of Richmond Onlne, with their web pages intergrated into this web site. In 2009 the Town Council created their own web site and Moonburst has took on the creation and funding of the community pages.

Is Richmond Online part of Richmondshire District Council?

We are not linked to, or funded by the RDC, though they have sponsored a couple of pages in the past. District Council web site

Is Richmond Online linked with English Heritage?

We are not linked to English Heritage though we have some pages about English Heritage locations (e.g. Richmond Castle) using information supplied by them. The English Heritage logo is visible around the site on relevant pages

How do I advertise on this web site?

Because of our unique relationship with Moonburst, we can offer very reasonable rates for advertising your business. Have a look at the prices below, then simply contact the Richmond Online office.

Who uses the web site?

Our traffic logs indicate that the web site is extensively used throughout. We get visitors from all over the world as well as many local visitors. You can see a summary of some recent web site statistics on the right.

If you would like information about the most recent traffic, or an in-depth traffic report please contact the Richmond Online office.


Advertising Costs

Links Page

Text hyperlink & description for local not-for-profit organisations



Business Listing Pages

Accommodation Guide/Finder

£35.00 pa

£55.00 pa

Banners - All prices per Quarter

Premium Site Level 1 ROL Home Page (reserved for community events only)

Level 2 - Page banner/hyperlink

Level 3 - Page banner/hyperlink






Includes banners/hyperlinks on selected pages/sections. Costs will vary according to specifications and requirements.

£600.00 pa


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Recent Stats (Ave.)

Monthly visitors - 26,000
Monthly page requests - 72,000
Monthly hits - 825,000

Top Sections

1 Accommodation Finder

2 Guide to Richmond

3 Events & Notices

4 Local News

5 Business Listings

6 Arts

7 Community Pages

8 Gallery

NB Figures above do not include hits from bots and search engines.

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