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Local Church Looks to the Future with a Change of Name
Thursday, Sep 8, 2011
Local Church Looks to the Future with a Change of Name
This month the Zetland Christian Centre & Richmond Pentecostal Church both came under the new name of Influence Church, reinforcing the Church's desire to have a positive influence in Richmond and the wider community. 

In 1950 a small group of Christians started a Church in Richmond that for 15 years was called ‘Castle Hill Mission”. In the mid 1960’s the Church became ‘Richmond Pentecostal Church’ and has operated under that name for the past 46 years. During this period the Church moved into it’s current home the former Zetland Cinema, which became ‘Zetland Christian Centre’.

These 3 events in the Churches history (establishing, re-naming & re-locating) were significant steps in the Churches journey. This month Richmond Pentecostal Church (RPC) went through another significant change when it became ‘Influence Church’.

Influence Church is now the united name for both the Church and the building that they own & use. 
Ben Dowding, the Senior Minister of the Church said: “There was nothing essentially wrong with the names RPC and the Zetland Centre but we believe those names were just for ‘season’ in our Church life and that under the identity of Influence Church we are stepping into a new season of our churches journey”

The name, Influence Church, is an indication of the Church’s desire to be a positive influence within the community. Not just to be a building on the edge of the town, but to be part of the community and an influence for good through their various community based programmes, activities and events. 

“Our change of name is not a change of our beliefs!  We believe that although our commitment to Christian beliefs, values & morals is traditional, our expression of Church doesn’t need to be! 
We may have drums instead of organs and youtube videos instead of hymn books but our beliefs are the same as any other Church, just expressed in a modern way! Influence Church is a growing, relevant family Church full of life and enthusiasm” said Pastor Ben Dowding. 

As part of their re-naming & re-branding the Church has invested in a number of new designs & artwork both inside and outside the building including some internal equipment and building changes to help improve the quality of the how they serve the community of Richmond and beyond.

There is also a new website that provides information on all of the church’s services and programmes as well as videos, podcasts of what’s happening in the Church: 

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