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Brompton Lakes Launches itself as Corporate Training Venue
Friday, Feb 1, 2013
Brompton Lakes Launches itself as Corporate Training Venue
One of the region’s most popular holiday destinations has recently launched itself as a corporate training venue thanks to an increasing trend for organisations and businesses to look beyond hotels and more traditional conference locations in order to make the most of limited training time.

Brompton Lakes is a development of 20 luxury ‘eco-lodges’ set just outside Richmond. With a tranquil lakeside setting, grass roofs, a Scandinavian BBQ hut and wildlife in abundance throughout the 26-acre site, it is an unconventional setting for commercial events and training yet is proving popular with HR professionals and delegates alike.

There are good reasons to consider more unusual locations for development according to Fiona Yorke, Managing Director of development and training consultancy, Ultimate U, who reports increasing numbers of organisations looking to reap the psychological benefits of learning in a natural environment. “Different surroundings, especially those that are not obviously ‘industrialised’ or commercial, can be really stimulating and allow delegates to feel less pressured or distracted, enabling them to adopt a focused and open approach,” she said.

In preparing for the corporate market, Brompton Lakes has invested in a fully resourced conference facility, complete with glass walls, superfast wi-fi, full catering if required and service support on-hand. Those staying overnight are accommodated in award-winning 3-bedroomed lakeside lodges just a stone’s throw from the meeting room with a full dine-in lodge service for additional, informal meeting opportunities in the evenings. 

An organisation that has already seen the benefits of training in an ‘alternative’ setting is Worldpay, the global payment processor behind almost half of the UK’s face-to-face card transactions and millions of online payments every day. It ran a team-building event for senior managers recently at Brompton Lakes.

Lynsey Coleman, Support Office Manager at Worldpay’s 500-strong Gateshead centre explained: “We were looking for an environment that would be energizing but also relaxing. We didn’t want a hotel conference room – we might as well be in our own boardroom – but we did need hotel-quality accommodation and value for money.”

The unusual and natural backdrop delivered tangible results for Worldpay, as Lynsey described: “The rural surroundings inspired us and created the perfect environment for honest and constructive discussions, while the lodge setting allowed us to be more innovative with our team-building activities in ways that just aren’t possible in a hotel. We got such a lot done – in fact we finished on time having achieved even more than we set out to,” she said.

This fits with current thinking around the importance of environment to training results, says Fiona Yorke: “There is plenty of research that suggests that being closer to nature, with access to natural light and proximity to ‘greenery’ has both a restorative and motivational impact on people. It is well worth HR professionals considering whether their venue offers them the best chance of successful outcomes.”

Photo: The Scandinavian BBQ hut is one of the many facilities at Brompton Lakes used by corporate clients for informal teambuilding exercises.

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