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Family Matinee Shows start this Weekend at Richmond's Theatre
Tuesday, Feb 5, 2013
Family Matinee Shows start this Weekend at Richmond's Theatre
The Georgian Theatre Royal starts its spring 2013 Family Matinee Season this Saturday 9th with the upbeat and humorous tale of Pinocchio. 

Presented by Riverbank Productions, the show will delight family audiences, particularly those with children aged four to nine.
Set in Tuscany in Northern Italy, Gepetto carves a marionette from a magical piece of wood and names his creation ‘Pinocchio’. A mischievous and naughty puppet, Pinocchio is easily led astray by the Fox and the Cat and by his very naughty school friend and he all too quickly forgets the good advice from his father and the Blue Fairy.
With four talented actors, puppets and a catchy original musical score, we follow Pinocchio’s adventures as he is turned into a donkey and swallowed by a shark. Will Pinocchio ever learn his lesson, stop being disobedient and get his wish to become a real boy?
For tickets and more information on the new season call the Box Office on 01748 825252. More details at

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