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Richmond Specialist Grocer Revives Tradition of Carlin Peas
Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013
Richmond Specialist Grocer Revives Tradition of Carlin Peas
Jefferson’s Grocer in Richmond Market Place is reviving the tradition of Carlin Peas this weekend to celebrate the fifth Sunday of lent (17th March), which is also known as Carlin or Passion Sunday. 

The custom of eating Carlin Peas on that date is said to stretch back to 1644 and a siege of Royalist Newcastle by the Scots during the civil war. On the point of starvation, the inhabitants of Newcastle welcomed a French ship which sailed up the Tyne with a cargo of Maple Peas and a tradition was born.  

People in the North & North East ate Carlin Peas and children were given them to eat on Carlin Sunday after a special church service. The following rhyme was often sung at the time 

“Tid, Mid, Miserai
Carlin, Palm, Paste Egg Day
We shall have a holiday
Bonny frocks on Easter Day”

Gary Jefferson, Partner in Jefferson’s said: "We’re very keen to support local traditions and shall be selling Carlin Peas ready to eat or take home. Traditionally they are served with salt and vinegar, but a dash of Henderson’s (Yorkshire) Relish also works well."

Jefferson’s is situated at the bottom of Richmond Market Place. The business specialises in top end food retailing such as its own preserves, pickles and chutneys, local cheeses, dairy products and baked goods. Jefferson's also stocks a range of speciality teas, coffees, chocolates and olive oils.

Photo: Dried Carlin Peas

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