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Touring Theatre Company's Latest Chilling Production
Friday, Sep 23, 2011
Touring Theatre Company's Latest Chilling Production
Phtoto by Keiron Nevison - Nobby Dimon & Mark Cronfield
Local touring theatre company, North Country Theatre, will be performing The Rocking Horse Winner next week at the Georgian Theatre Royal.
Nobby Dimon from North Country Theatre had seen a chilling film version of the DH Lawrence short story as a young boy, which made such a lasting impression that he has adapted it for the stage.

“On the face of it the story is a satire on gambling and the obsession with money,” said writer and director Dimon, “however there is an oddity for what Lawrence causes to happen in the story that is absolutely supernatural and cannot be rationalised away.”

Young Paul is a boy in search of two things, the approval of his mother and the place where 'Luck' is. But how far will his sinister, old rocking horse take him? Set against a vivid background of colourful race meetings, jockeys, touts and bookies, audiences will find themselves plunged into a dark, psychological thriller that is laced with satire as North Country Theatre tells the tale in their highly visual and popular style. 

The Rocking Horse Winner company is made up of a number of North Country Theatre regulars. Paul is played by Mark Cronfield, who was Leonardo in last year’s A Blood Wedding in Wensleydale. Victoria Brazier, who delighted audiences as the resourceful Heidi in The Prisoner of Zenda plays his mother, a women struggling to both maintain a certain lifestyle and to love her children. Tom Frere was in the company’s first production of The 39 Steps whilst Simon Kirk was in the 10th anniversary tour. Both of them were seen earlier this year wielding swords and oars in the Nordic saga Egil Skallagrimson Keeps His Head. 

“We get a lot of positive feedback from audiences who appreciate the opportunity to see actors playing a number of different roles over the years,” said Nobby Dimon “and it’s great for me to have such a talented and inventive group of people helping to create the piece.” 

The Rocking Horse Winner opened at Harrogate Theatre on 21st September, comes to the Georgian Theatre in Richmond on 27th & 28th then tours the region until 10th December. More details and a full tour schedule can be found on

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