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Hives, Honey and Homicide on Stage at the Georgian Theatre Royal
Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013
Hives, Honey and Homicide on Stage at the Georgian Theatre Royal
Richmond's Georgian theatre will be buzzing next week when the Mikron Theatre Company come to town with their latest production Beyond the Veil.
The theatre company has created CSI meets Camberwick Green in a tale of sleuths and bees in this lively crime thriller with a buzz.
The gardeners of Thistledale Allotments feature in a show full of music, fun and facts about bees and beekeeping - After a year of shenanigans with the council, Thistledale allotments are safe, but the fragile peace in this idyllic setting is about to be shattered.
A body is discovered and foul play is suspected, Detective Starkey has plenty of suspects but just can’t find a motive. The allotmenteers give him beekeeper April’s advice; “talk to the bees,” but will understanding the bees and their ways really lead him to the clues he needs?
Bees may not be the first choice for a theatrical endeavour and Marianne McNamara, Mikron’s artistic director, explains why she was drawn to this subject: “Deborah McAndrew, wrote our 2012 show Losing the Plot and set the show on Thistledale Allotments, she wrote such a fabulous script with such colourful characters and one of them, April, is a bee keeper. We got a glimpse into the art of beekeeping and I just wanted to develop that, I wanted to know more! 

"Deborah is a beekeeper herself, so it seemed like a natural choice. Of course, bees are in the news at the moment, as they risk becoming an endangered species, so I am hoping that the show will fire some people’s enthusiasm and help people to understand what vital little creatures they are!”
Beyond the Veil is a gentle comedy with larger-than-life characters, live music and a fascinating insight into bees, beekeeping and all things apicultural.

Beyond the Veil will be on at the Georgian Theatre Royal on Tuesday 22nd October at 7:30pm. For tickets call the Box Office on 01748 825252 or book through the website at

Photo - Beyond The Veil. Nicolas Coutu-Langmead, Rob Took, Caroline Hallam, Ruth Cataroche by Enjoy Photography

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