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Council get the Keys to New Offices
Wednesday, Oct 16, 2013
Council get the Keys to New Offices
Richmondshire District Council have been handed the keys to its new premises and will be moving in next month.

Contractors, Esh Build, have finished the refurbishments to the former Lower School building on Station Road, which has been transformed over the last ten months into a state of the art office block.

The final stages of the £2million scheme to create a new base for Richmondshire District Council are underway. Furniture is being moved into the newly-named Mercury House and the IT connections put in place. 
The project will see the District Council in one building for the first time in its history, replacing the current buildings at Friars Wynd, Swale House, Frenchgate House and the Dundas Street community office.
“Speaking as a Leader that bears the scars of several intense skirmishes in years past on the issue of a single headquarters for Richmondshire District Council, I could not wait to get my hands on the keys, and open up the beautifully refurbished former Lower School building to a world of new opportunity,” said Councillor John Blackie.
He added: “There are so many winners out of our £2 million investment, with a much better service to our residents and businesses, housed under one roof at a saving of £1000 per week less than the current arrangements, and state of the art offices for our staff who have working cheerfully and without complaint for years in buildings that were near to being condemned at the very top of the list.”

It is hoped the new offices will open to the public next month.

Photo: Front Row – Cllrs John Blackie,  Russell Lord (Vice Chairman) and Rob Johnson (Chairman) are seen receiving the key to Mercury House from Stephen Gardner, Site Manager of Esh Build 
Back Row – Tony Clark, Managing Director; Michael Dowson, Assistant Project Director; Graham Hutchinson, Project Manager and Callum McKeon, Corporate Director

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