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Ready To Cook at the Richmond YMCA Young People’s Centre
Saturday, Nov 23, 2013
 Ready To Cook at the Richmond YMCA Young People’s Centre
They say you always find the best people in the kitchen at parties and that was certainly the case at Richmond YMCA Young People’s Centre when the newest kitchen in town was declared open by international rugby player John Bentley representing the charity Wooden Spoon

John cut the ribbon and everyone crowded into the kitchen to use a large wooden spoon to stir the batter and to make their own pancake.  Wooden Spoon is the Children’s Charity created by Rugby players to support young people at all stages of their life.  This generous charity has paid for a kitchen in the newly refurbished young people’s centre upstairs at Richmond YMCA.  Here young people will be able to learn life skills including how to understand nutrition and cook for themselves.  

A grant from Richmondshire District Council’s Community Opportunity Fund has paid for the kitchen utensils in recognition of the valuable work the charity does with both homeless young people and those looking for a safe and supportive environment.  

Richmond YMCA’s young people’s centre new drop-in centre for 13 to 17 year olds is open on a Tuesday between 4 – 9pm and Thursdays between 4 – 7pm.  In addition 18 to 25 year olds have their own time of Thursdays between 7 – 9pm.  Activities will include pool and pizzas, chilling out and catching up.

To find out more or to cook in the new kitchen come upstairs to Richmond YMCA Young People’s centre in the Market Place, call 01748 825752 or see

Photo:  Jon Bentley cutting the ribbon.

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