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Downhill All The Way To Richmond
Thursday, May 29, 2014
Downhill All The Way To Richmond
The cast & crew of the new film 'Downhill' return to Richmond for a Q&A session at the Station Cinema

Alfred Wainwright's Coat to Coast Walk, which passes through Richmond, is the setting for the new movie Downhill, released this Friday May 30th.

Director, James Rouse, and producer, Benji Howell, wanted to make a road movie featuring four old school mates who reunite for a road trip. However, they were also really keen to set the film in the UK, so they decided that the only way to do it was for their journey to be on foot.

They settled on the Coast-to-Coast walk as it is one of the most famously beautiful long distance walks in the world and they were therefore guaranteed a stunning backdrop to their story. Alfred Wainwright devised the walk to go from St Bees on the west coast to Robin Hood’s Bay on the East coast. It passes through three very beautiful, but differing national parks: the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors.

The majority of the shoot took place in June 2012 – the wettest on record. Some of the exterior scenes in the driving rain were simply unusable and had to be picked up at later points on the walk. Now and again they had to knock on the door of a local pub and ask if they could pick up a scene when the planned exteriors were abandoned due to the weather.

Overall, the filming of ‘Downhill’ was physically demanding but ultimately rewarding as the walk itself, and the cast and crew return to Richmond for a question and answer session at the Station Cinema on Sunday 1st June at 7.00pm.

The Film & Cast
Gordon (Richard Lumsden – Sightseers, TV’s The Catherine Tate Show) is determined that he and best friend Keith (Karl Theobald – TV’s 2012, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa) will conquer Wainright’s Coast to Coast Walk from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire. He also believes that having his film student son document the adventure is the perfect way to commemorate their achievement, but when a stray conversation determines that old school friends Steve (Jeremy Swift – Jupiter Ascending, TV’s Downton Abbey) and Julian (Ned Dennehy – Tyrannosaur, TV’s Luther) join them on the trip, best laid plans lead straight to multiple mid-life crises.

Combining keenly observed situational comedy; some of Britain’s finest comedy talent and a breathtaking journey through some of the best of British countryside, DOWNHILL is a comedy of errors, a testament to the tragically incompatible and a blow-by-blow account of the highs and lows of decades-long friendships.

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