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World War I Drama Unfolds At The Georgian Theatre Royal
Monday, Jun 2, 2014
World War I Drama Unfolds At The Georgian Theatre Royal
To mark the centenary of the First World War, a powerful drama telling the fascinating story of a house that provided a safe haven for thousands of British soldiers in the heat of battle will be performed at The Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond on Friday 13 June at 7.30pm.

Talbot House written by Peter Gill pays tribute to this ‘safe haven’ in Poperinge, Belgium – just a few short miles behind the front line – that offered time-out for the allied troops. It was a place where soldiers could enjoy some of the comforts from home and remember the men that they really were.

Run by a diminutive chaplain named Tubby Clayton, the house became known by its army signaller’s code of Toc H and ultimately would be the inspiration for the international association with that name that still exists today for Christian social service.

This ‘feel-good’, yet moving play performed by Beyond Eternity Productions is aimed at a family audience and, using poetry and music from The Great War, recreates the atmosphere of this remarkable house.

Author, Peter Gill said: “I wanted to write a play that focussed on a different more positive aspect of the war and I found it fascinating that somewhere like this should exist so close to all the mayhem and carnage. 

“In spite of the rumble of guns in the distance, here was a quiet and unique place where men – regardless of rank – could spend time relaxing, writing letters and chatting with friends. There was always a tea-urn on the go and plenty of books and comfortable chairs – it must have felt like a ‘home-from-home.”

Talbot House is being performed at The Georgian Theatre Royal on Friday 13th June at 7.30pm. Tickets from £7 to £20 are available from the Box Office on 01748 825252 or via the online booking service at:

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