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Richmond Live Welcomes Far Eastern Rock Band
Wednesday, Jul 2, 2014
Richmond Live Welcomes Far Eastern Rock Band
The 2014 line up for Richmond Live has been finalised for quite some time now and there is an ever growing buzz of excitement about headliners The South and Dreadzone as well as many other old favourites from the local music scene.

If you take a closer look at the line up you may notice amongst the acts a band by the name of “Veronica Roses”, an interesting name and an even more interesting back story!

During the 2013 Richmond Live event some massive “From the Jam” fans came all the way from Kyoto Japan to watch their music idols perform. In fact the commitment of husband and wife team Natsuko and Hirokazu Chishiro to travel all that way caught the attention of the organisers who arranged a special welcome including AAA passes enabling them to come backstage and meet Bruce Foxton and his fellow band members.

During their thrilling visit Natsuko and Hirokazu let slip that they had a band of their own back in Japan and indeed in true Japanese style they brought some very special gifts including a copy of their own CD.

The pair were duly invited to come back in 2014 to perform and they accepted without hesitation.

The organisers of Richmond Live are therefore very proud to welcome the duo and their third band member Takako to the main stage at 1500hrs on Saturday August 2nd.

Event Marketing Manager Jon Naylor said “my wife Jay and I have become good friends with Natsuko and Hirokazu since last year and have kept in touch via email. We are delighted they are coming back especially as performers, it’s going to add another exciting facet to our unique event!”

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