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Local Video Game Designers Announce their First Game for the PC.
Thursday, Aug 21, 2014
Local Video Game Designers Announce their First Game for the PC.
Independent video game developers Flintlock Studios, have announced their first game for the PC.

Their first in-house title, Lithic, is a strategy role playing game. Set in Flintlock Studios’ dark fantasy world, players will have control of a tribe of creatures who have survived a disaster and take them through development, from learning speech and creating simple tools to forming a civilisation.
“It’s incredibly exciting to be producing a game such as this one,” said Lead Designer Jon Hughes. “Although there are a lot of games out there where you have to build a city or develop a civilisation, they start once the civilisation has already been founded. We are looking at what happens before that. We want games to be about the journey and not just about the destination, you might not win the games we develop but you will have fun trying. We feel that sense of journey has been lost from recent games, and so our aim is to bring it back without the retro graphics, by using technology that is now available to us.”

Formed in 2013, Flintlock Studios have gone from two friends in a living room to a company of four with their own office space and development team. “We’ve gone from strength to strength so far this year,” said Lead Developer, Tom Stevenson. “We’ve gained our own space at the Aske Stables, and have been able to hire an extra developer and a marketing officer, something a year ago we would have never thought possible.”

All of the Flintlock Studios team are from the Richmond area and are proud to be bringing the video game industry to the area. Although not a trade you would normally associate with the Dales, the company is hoping to create a permanent home in the area with further expansion planned over the next few years.

Flintlock Studios plan to release Lithic in 2015. Updates on the game development can be found on their website:

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