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New Homes Named In Hunton
Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014
New Homes Named In Hunton
Six new homes in a Richmondshire village are to have a distinctly woodland theme as children from the Hunton and Arrathorne County Primary School were asked to come up with names for the houses – they all took the ‘cottage’ style to heart naming each one after a flower or a tree type.

The affordable homes – off Wild Hill Lane – are being developed by Broadacres in partnership with Richmondshire District Council, with local builders, Moody Brothers, hoping to complete them by March 2015. These have been designed to blend in with the character of the village and will be allocated to people with a local connection to the parish of Hunton.

'The children have been involved in the new houses from the beginning when there was an archaeological dig before the building work started,” said School Headteacher, Joanne Grainger. 

“It is lovely that they were involved in the naming of the new houses which are a part of our community.   They liked the cottage feel so we have everything from Daffodil Cottage to Hazel Cottage!” 

She said every child in the school took part and some very interesting names were put forward.  The final six names were chosen by members of the Broadacres Development Team.  Each won a £15 gift token which was presented by Richmondshire District Councillor, Robin Scott, and Broadacres Development Officer, Andi Mcloughlin.

Cllr Scott said: "Congratulations to all the children who took part in the competition. It's important to involve the whole community in projects like these - for these new homes to be named by local school children is fantastic.

"And let's not forget that the reason these houses are being built is to encourage young families to stay in the village - so that would mean new friends and classmates for the children here today.”

Involvement with the school is planned for the future too - in the New Year bug houses will be built on the site by the children to help retain the native wildlife.

Photo: Cllr Scott (L) is pictured with prize winners and Andi McLoughlin, Broadacres Development Officer

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