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Monkey Army Helps Bring Epic Tale To Life
Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015
Monkey Army Helps Bring Epic Tale To Life
Tales from the ancient world of Asia are being brought to the stage with the help of a monkey army in an exciting new show to be held at The Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond on Saturday 7 March at 7.30pm.

Last year, the renowned poet Daljit Nagra published Ramayana A Retelling with Faber & Faber – a rumbustious reworking of the ancient Asian epic remade for a modern multicultural, multi-faith audience. It was met with great critical acclaim (‘Fizzy and up-to-date ... universal’ The Telegraph) and was the Financial Times and New Statesman’s Book of the Year.

Now Jaybird Live Literature is bringing an adaptation of Daljit’s tale to the stage as part of a national tour. The Retold Ramayana features Daljit himself performing the key scenes of the story interspersed with reflections on his own relationship to the literary epic. 

He was first told about Rama and his quest to rescue Sita from Raavana, Lord of the Underworld, when he was a little boy in the 70s, and versions of these stories have enchanted audiences across the Eastern world for thousands of years.

This fascinating history is reflected in the show and the love scenes, kidnaps and battles featuring a million-strong army of monkeys take place through wild words and beautiful state-of-the-art projections.   

Accompanying Daljit on stage will be specially commissioned illustrations by comic book artist Jim Connolly projected expertly through space by lighting designer John Castle. 

Tickets cost from £7 to £15 and are available from the Theatre Box Office on 01748 825252 or via the online booking service at

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