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Spot Sales Outstrip Last Year
Tuesday, Aug 11, 2015
Spot Sales Outstrip Last Year
Sales of artwork from an annual charity exhibition have already beaten last year’s total, just three weeks in to the seven week show.

‘A Spot on the Wall’, currently on at The Station in Richmond, North Yorkshire, has given the opportunity for 80 individual artists to secure  gallery space in the heritage building; showing, and replacing their work continuously as it sells.  

“Approximately 50,000 people will visit The Station over the summer holidays, so we knew the potential for sales was very good, but they have already exceeded our expectations,” explains Gallery Manager, Thea Treweek.  “As a piece of art is sold from the artist’s spot, they replace it with another.  This is obviously good for the artist, who could sell many times if they prove to be popular with visitors, but also great for people simply popping in to The Station, as the exhibition is ever changing and there’s always something new to see.”

Work by ceramicists Petra Lloyd and Tilly Shaw, and photographer Karen Earl are proving   particularly popular so far. The money generated by exhibition entry fees and commission on sales will benefit The Station charity.  

"I'm really pleased with the way things are going, and that people are enjoying my work enough to want to own a piece of it themselves!” says Tilly Shaw from Beady Magpie Designs.  “Being part of a joint exhibition like this is really exciting as there are lots of different types of art to enjoy, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the show pans out." 

Another exhibitor, Jo Pickering will be setting up her easel and working in the building on Thursday 13 August.  Don’t miss out on this chance to Spot the Artist at The Station during the exhibition.
A Spot on the Wall 2015 runs until Wednesday 2 September.

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