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Ancient Yule Riding sets tone for Christmas at the Theatre
Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011
Ancient Yule Riding sets tone for Christmas at the Theatre
The York Waits
Early music band The York Waits will once again raise the curtain on Christmas with a concert of ancient festive music at Richmond’s Georgian Theatre Royal.
Playing shawms, sackbut, recorders, lute, fiddle, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, cittern and crum horn, The Waits are a recreation of the city band of Tudor York.  The band’s forbears would have been busy during the Christmas period 500 years ago, taking part in ancient York traditions such as the ceremony called Yule Riding.

Yule Riding was a ceremony which took place in York every December 21, St Thomas's Day. It signified the arrival of Christmas and its twelve days of merriment. One person adopted the guise of Yule, carrying a leg of lamb and a cake, and another took the role of Yule's wife. Nuts were thrown into the crowd and the procession was accompanied by loud music.

The York Waits will be playing at the Georgian Theatre Royal on Saturday 3rd December at 7.30pm. The theatre bar areas will be festively decorated with Georgian decorations and foliage and wine and mince pies will be served.
Tickets priced  £7 - £18 (concessions £6-£16) and are available from the Georgian Theatre Royal Box Office 01748 825252.

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