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Theatre Group Present The Fantasist’s Waltz at Richmond's Theatre
Wednesday, Apr 18, 2012
Theatre Group Present The Fantasist’s Waltz at Richmond's Theatre
TongueTied Theatre are currently touring Yorkshire with their production, The Fantasist’s Waltz, which premiered at the York Theatre Royal.  The tour arrives in Richmond next Wednesday, April 25th when it performs at the Georgian Theatre Royal.
Set in a world of misguided passions, momentary lifetimes and crumbs of desire, The Fantasist's Waltz is a haunting modern fairy tale of an isolated man who disappears into his imagination for solace.
Baffled by a world in which he feels an outsider, the Fantasist has created an incredible imaginary world filled with wild balls, bouncing orchestras and saturated colour. Here he spends his nights, each and every night, dancing his worries away. His reliance upon these dreamland escapades become too great, and as his control begins to crumble his entire world crashes down upon him.  Lost and alone, he is left searching for new meaning in life. The answer, though, might just be closer than even he could imagine.
The Fantasist’s Waltz pulses with a live original score and inventive physical storytelling that brings to life the story of a man's fight for survival in a world that has seemingly forgotten him.
TongueTied Theatre creates deeply imaginative and spontaneous theatre that is larger than life but accessible to all. The company is driven by Co-Artistic Directors Lizzie Wiggs and Kyle Davies who met whilst training in Paris at the internationally renowned physical theatre school L'Ecole Jacques Lecoq. The company’s work has been seen in the United States, France, China as well as here in the UK.
With The Fantasist’s Waltz, TongueTied explores the tragedy of lonely existence and the power of imagination. A thought-provoking and beautiful play with expert physical performances from a well-suited cast.

For more information please contact the Georgian Theatre Royal on 01748 823710 or go to

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