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Richmond Theatre Group need Budding Actors for New Community Play
Tuesday, Jun 26, 2012
Richmond Theatre Group need Budding Actors for New Community Play
Richmond based North Country Theatre is planning another large scale community play for 2013 and are looking for performers of all ages to take part.

Many people will remember their two previous community play projects, The Passion Plays in 2002 and Last Dance of a Dalesman in 2005. Now they are hoping to create Bartle - A Per Gynt for the Dales, to be performed open air across the district next summer. 

Thanks to support from the RDPE (Rural Development Programme England) and European Leader Fund the company are able to begin the process this year with a series of meetings and workshops to explore Swaledale and Wensleydale folklore and looking for other material for the play. There are plans to make a connection with Richmond’s twin town Vinstra in Norway which is the original home of the Per Gynt legend. 

“We want to recruit about 40 local people from all over the district who will work with professional actors and production team. Our starting point will be two wonderful pieces of upper dales folklore, the dialect poem Reeth Bartle Fair and The Burning of Bartle ceremony at West Witton,” said Nobby Dimon of North Country Theatre who will write and direct the play. “Anyone interested in being involved in any way should contact us or turn up at one of the workshops.”

People who are interested in folklore, local history as well as theatre are invited to attend the exploratory evening meetings, which will be at Reeth Memorial Hall on Thursday 28th of June, Wensley Village Hall on Tuesday 3rd July, Richmond Catholic Church Hall on Wednesday 4th July and Hunton Village Hall on Thursday 5th July.  

For more information please call North Country Theatre on 01748 825288 or look out for the Bartle! leaflets. 

Photo: The cast of North Country Theatre’s community play Last Dance of a Dalesman

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