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Norwegian Premier hears of Touring Theatre’s Plans
Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012
Norwegian Premier hears of Touring Theatre’s Plans
Nobby Dimon of Richmond based North Country Theatre met the Norwegian Prime Minister on a recent trip to Norway.  

Mr Dimon was invited by Nord Fron Kommune, the local authority for Richmond’s twin town of Vinstra, to  see the annual, large-scale, outdoor production of Henrick Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. The Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, was also at the play having just received the annual Per Gynt Award in recognition of his services to the country following last year’s atrocities.  

Mr Dimon said: “Jens Stoltenberg was interested to hear our plans for our play, 'Bartle! A Peer Gynt for the Dales' which we hope to stage next year if funding is awarded. I was there to talk to the cast and see if any of them would be interested in performing one of the scenes of Bartle! next summer in Richmondshire.”

Two students from Vinstra have already had work experience with North Country Theatre when they came over in February and were able to take part in the short tour of 'Egil Skallagrimson Keeps His Head'. 

“It was a great experience for them as they saw a real cross-section of our touring venues from village halls and churches to a smart hotel. The students made several presentations about their visit and work with North Country Theatre which resulted in me being invited to Norway to see Carrie and Karoline in Peer Gynt.”

North Country Theatre has been carrying out research and development on their project, Bartle! A Peer Gynt for the Dales, thanks to support from the RDPE (Rural Development Programme England) and European Leader Fund and have held several meetings and workshops in Swaledale and Wensleydale.  

“We’ve unearthed some fascinating local folklore and made other connections so I’m really excited by the whole project, which I think I was able to convey to Jens Stoltenberg,” explained Mr Dimon.

North Country Theatre's autumn production is The Lighthouse on Shivering Sands which opens on 26th September at Harrogate Theatre.

The next Bartle Workshop is on August 28th at 7.30 in Wensley Village Hall.  Call North Country on 01748 825288 for more information or look on the North Country Theatre Facebook page.

Photo: Nobby Dimon of North Country Theatre and Gillian Howells talk to Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg

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