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New ‘StoreHouse’ project to open food bank in Richmond
Monday, Oct 8, 2012
New ‘StoreHouse’ project to open food bank in Richmond
Influence Church, based on Victoria Road, Richmond, is proud to announce that it is setting up a new food bank scheme called ‘StoreHouse’.

StoreHouse is being set up by the Church to help meet needs across the Richmondshire community & beyond with it’s food bank project.

Over recent years food banks have become common place in towns & cities across the country to help meet needs created by the economic downturn and vast increases in food costs.

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has reported that UK foods prices have risen by almost a third - 32 per cent - between 2007 and 2012.
This combined with many families & individuals facing decreasing benefits has resulted in need across a wide cross-section of the public! 

It is this need that Influence Church are aiming to help by establishing ‘StoreHouse’.
The project, which is set to open next month, will be a place of emergency food provision for those in need. 
The Church aims to provide a weeks worth of basic food provision to help meet needs created by a variety of problems.

Whilst the project is currently in the preparation stages, the Church has already invested over £2000 in developing their building to be able to establish the StoreHouse project.
In addition to the money from Influence Church members, local funding has been received from the Co-op Community fund.
The Mayor of Richmond, Counsellor Stuart Parsons, has also got behind the project & helped raise over £500 towards the set-up & initial costs of the project. 

Ben Dowding, senior minister of Influence Church said of the project:
“We’re really excited to get the StoreHouse project off the ground! It’s something we’ve been developing behind the scenes for almost a year and we can’t wait to see it open.
As a local Church we love being part of the Richmond community and we’ve been helping to meet some of the needs of our community for many years. 
Setting up the StoreHouse is great because it’s taking our practical help in this area to the next level!”

Influence Church is currently working with other local agencies & support groups to raise awareness of the project so families & individuals will be able to be ‘referred’ to the StoreHouse to receive the needed support. 

Food supplies will also be available to those not currently in a ‘support system’ but in need to help in this area. 

The Influence Church ‘StoreHouse’ opens its doors to the public next month and more information, along with some photos of progress so far, can be found on the church website here:

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