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Children Help Create A ‘Trench Paper For Tommy’ This Summer
Monday - August 1, 2016
A Richmond museum is giving younger visitors the chance to contribute to a modern-day trench newspaper over the summer holidays.

The Green Howards Museum is currently hosting a special exhibition marking the centenary of The Battle of the Somme. The ‘Trench paper for Tommy’ project will enable children and families to find out more about what soldiers read in the trenches, and how publications like the famous ‘Wipers Times’ kept them entertained during the most difficult of times.

The museum team will be on hand every day of the school holidays to help provide inspiration for content for the trench newspaper, which has been split into four themes; adverts, cartoons and drawings, poems and songs, and reports and stories.  Visitors will even be able to choose the paper’s name. All of the contributions will be compiled into a brand new trench newspaper in early September and published on the museum’s website.  

“We wanted to create an activity which is linked to this important centenary year, but that also created something permanent,” explains the museum’s Learning Officer, Carl Watts.  “By looking at trench newspapers we will be able to see how, even in the most trying circumstances, people manage to find humour and creativity as a way of coping with their situation.  We hope everyone who visits the museum will make their contribution and help us all build something really great together.”

Admission is free for under 16s, so it’s hoped children who enjoy the activity will return to the museum on a regular basis to contribute their writing and drawings.

As well as the Trench Paper for Tommy project, which is available every day, the museum is running a programme of themed activities on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2pm during the summer break.  The first of these, on Tuesday 28 July will specifically launch the trench paper project. 

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