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The Main Convent Building
This Building is split up into luxury apartments - Major structural repairs have had to be made to the building as a result of the fire damage.

In front, new houses are built as part of the development of St. Anne's Court. The houses are 3, 4 and 5 bedroom, made in natural stone with slate rooves and overlook a quaint woodland area next to the river bank.


Far left - The shell of the west wing - severely damaged by the fire. Steel work replaces some of the old roof timbers.

Left - New roofing timbers - looking along to the east wing.
Far left - Inside part of the Convent Chapel at the East end of the building.

Left - Some of the original stairways will be used in the new development.

As part of the development, new houses are being built in the grounds of the old Convent. Photo looking south towards the river Swale

"The setting and the grounds are very beautiful.... it is important to keep the look of buildings in this area as they are central to the history of Richmond" said Mike Charlton of Charltons Estate Agents.

David Liddle of Carlbury Developments said "developing the site sympathetically and trying to retain the utmost originality of the Convent is of very great importance to everyone involved".


Left and Right

Roof timbers being put in place on the new build houses to the south of the main convent building.


Right - New slate roof, looking
along to the east wing.

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