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Easby Riverside Restoration Project

The ERRP is delighted to announce that the project has now been completed with the restoration work carried out and the riverside path near Easby restored. We would like to thank all those whose work and donations have made this restoration possible.

A commemorative plaque was unveiled on the site on 10 June 2006

Background to the successful project (information from the campaign)

The River Swale is eroding the river bank at an alarming rate - in a matter of a few years we could see the Abbey Mill falling into the clutches of the fast flowing river, with St Agatha's Abbey to follow.

The Easby Riverside Restoration Project was formed to formulate a plan to keep open a footpath alongside the river. Unfortunately, in the last few years serious erosion of the bank by the River Swale just upstream from the Abbey has resulted in closure of a section of the riverside path. The footpath at this point has collapsed for the fifth time in six years and cannot be used. Even the Abbey and the Abbey Mill are now threatened.

The Easby Riverside Restoration Project has been formed by local people to co-ordinate the fund-raising required for urgent river bank reinforcement work. This will secure the riverside walk against future erosion.

The estimated cost for the work on the river bank is £96,000 though other quotes will be sought, this is generally accepted as the figure that the action group will be targeting.

We have approached North Yorkshire County Council, the Environment Agency, English Heritage and other authorities, but none have been able to accept sole responsibility for restoring the riverside path. We hope however, that with strong support, a partnership between public and private funding will secure this worthwhile project.

In addition to seeking funding and assistance from local businesses and local people we have applied for grant aid from a large number of organisations. We have also applied for Heritage Lottery funding.

Any contributions made will benefit the restoration work directly and will also demonstrate the commitment of the people of Richmond. This will in turn encourage partnership funding.

The Easby Riverside Restoration Project is grateful to everyone who made a contribution to the fund, in particluar, North Yorkshire County Council, Swaledale Outdoor Club, Swaledale Road Runners, CPRE - Swaledale District Branch, Richmond Town Council, North Eastern CO-OP, Friends of Richmond, Richmond Business and Tourism Association, Liberal Democrats - Richmond Branch, Nat West Bank, Conservative Club. There have also been donations from people who wish to remain anonymous and for these we are very grateful.

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