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19 - 27 May 2004 - Site clearence and temporary shoring works

Site clearance commences with the removal of a sycamore tree at the entrance to the site. A Hawthorne tree is also removed from behind the retaining wall.

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The site cabins arrive and security fencing is installed around the perimeter of the site to secure and restrict unauthorised access.

The scheme requires temporary shoring works to be installed in the River Swale to secure the stone retaining wall.

Four steel sheet piles are fixed to the face of the wall. Two "waling" frames are then lowered over the wall and temporarily hung from chains which are attached to concrete thrust blocks.

Each frame is 10 metres long. Four "raking" shores are then angled between the "waling" frames and the riverbed. The shores are bolted into the limestone riverbed. The thrust blocks and chains are then removed. The temporary shoring will be repositioned as the scheme progresses.

The temporary rake and shore is now in place.

Excavation will now commence on the pathway above.

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