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28 May - 14 June 2004 - Excavation in Bay 2 & 4

The excavation will be 2 metres wide and to a depth where bedrock is reached.

Bedrock is reached in the excavation at a depth of 4.5 metres.

The material being excavated to the rear of the wall is contaminated from the old Richmond Gasworks, which was located on this site. Therefore all excavated material must be removed from the site and sent to a licensed tip.

Holes are drilled into the limestone rock and into the stone retaining wall.

Stainless steel dowel bars are then grouted into the stone and rock. These bars will tie the stone wall to the new concrete wall.

Concrete is poured into Bay 2 in stages between 2nd and 4th June.

This is done over period of time to minimise the loading on the stone retaining wall.

Excavation in Bay 4.

The excavation in Bay 4 was stopped because bedrock was not found. The trench was over 5 metres deep, which was greater than the depth of the bedrock, found in Bay 2. The bottom of the trench was also below the level of the rock in the River Swale.

Reinforcement is placed in the bottom of the excavation to strengthen the concrete. Stainless steel dowel bars are also fixed to the stone retaining wall.

Concrete is poured into Bay 4 in stages between 11th and 13th June.

On each of the three days 30m3 of concrete is poured. Each Readmix lorry carries a load of 6m3.

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