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This section covers the work to strengthen and rebuild parts of the retaining wall next to the River Swale at 'The Fosse' - one of Richmond's best-loved beauty spots. Click the links above to see an archive of the various stages of the work.

The five-metre-high wall provides a pedestrian river edge walkway and seating area, with views of the waterfall just upstream. In november 2003 the picnic tables and viewpoint were fenced off to ensure public safety, following concerns about the stability of the retaining wall.

Bullen Consultants had previously been employed by Richmondshire District Council to undertake a full site investigation to determine the cause of the cracking and bulging to the wall. Their study showed the wall to be out of balance for both overturning and sliding. This means that the existing stone retaining wall would have to be strengthened by constructing a new concrete retaining wall behind it. The concrete wall is then to be constructed in 4 Bays.

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The £237,000 scheme will involve constructing a new concrete retaining wall to the rear of the existing stone wall for a length of 40 metres. The corner of the stone wall will be rebuilt and the height of the parapet increased. The pedestrian area to the rear of the wall will be upgraded with new picnic tables, litter bins and York stone paving.

The works are part of Richmondshire District Council's strategy to improve this area, which included the opening of a new children's play park last summer and the ongoing regeneration of Castle Walk.

Patrick Earle, Planning and Development Unit Manager, said: "This area is one of the most visited parts of the town and is popular with locals and visitors alike. It is vital to the town's well-being that we keep it looking good and also safe."

Special thankd to Richmondshire District Council for helping to fund, and also to Neil Bacon (RDC) for providing information and photos for, these pages.

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