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The site from the south of the river.

"the team is carrying out an extensive piling operation to carry the steel supports which will eventually take the full weight of the structure"

Right and Below - The non-vibrational piling machine at work. The piles here are being driven to a depth of around 18 meters. These are filled with concrete and will take the weight of the steel support.

Below Right -
On the south side of the river some foundations will be made with these caison rings instead of driving piles into the ground. These will be sunk 3-4 metres and filled with concrete.

Above - The stone from the bridge salvaged from the river. Some of this stone may be able to be reused when rebuilding starts. Some of these stones weigh over 2 tonnes.

Drill used for boring under the river for electricity cables. The gas and water supply have also be re-routed under the river in this way.

Left - 45 tonne machinery is being used to prepare the ground for work. this is an indication of the scale of the work having to be done on the site, these machines are usually found in quarries.

Above Right
Ground work has to be done in order that the heavy machines can gain access to the site. The huge scale of this job is fast becoming apparent.

NYCC Press Release 19-7-00

THE TEAM working to rebuild Mercury Bridge in Richmond is carrying out an extensive piling operation to carry the steel supports which will eventually take the full weight of the structure.

In order to complete the task as quickly as possible the team is now working a full seven days a week.

All the foundation work should be completed by early August. Work will then start on erecting the steel framework which will support the bridge from underneath.

A letter detailing the work has been sent to people living in the immediate area. Visits have also been made to local schools to alert pupils about the work being carried out and the potential dangers of construction sites.

Mike Moore, North Yorkshire's director of environmental services, who met with local businessmen last week, said: "The first priority has always been to make the bridge safe and prevent any further damage. But the people of Richmond should be assured that everyone connected with this operation is working flat out to ensure that the whole project is completed as quickly as possible.

"A detailed inspection will be carried out once the bridge structure is safe. Once the full extent of the damage has been determined the requirements for the repair can be finalised."

After the detailed inspection there is a possibility of opening the bridge for pedestrian and light vehicular use.

Mr Moore added: "We are still working to a schedule which forecasts the completion of the repair to the bridge by early December. The timetable is already tight, but everything will be done to shorten it where possible."

Contact: Mike Moore at County Hall, ext. 2124

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