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Archive August 15-17 2000

The 300 tonne crane to lift the 25 tonne plate girders that will carry the arch supports (near left). The crane arrived on site during the night to minimise disturbance of local traffic.

One of the 4 plate girders, 20 metres long by 2.5 metres deep, being lifted to the bridge. This operation required great skill from the crane operator and crew.


The 25 tonne girder is bolted in to place on the grillage beams on the previously prepared temporary foundations (see archive).

The second girder is soon placed on the south side of the southern arch

The two steel plate girders in place, ready for the arch supports

Near Left - One of the 3 sets of arch supports that slide underneath each of the bridge arches.

The first of the arch supports is slid under the bridge - It is hoped that once all the support structures are in place, the bridge will be able to be opened for light traffic.

17/08 - Left and below - Some aerial views of the site on the south side of the river.

The 300 tonne crane can be seen supported on the concrete pads prepared specially for the stabilisers.

Near left - The hydraulic jack pushing the 12 tonne arch supports into place under the bridge.

The arch of the bridge supported by the arch support and wooden blocks wedged between the stone and the steelwork.

When both arches are supported in this way the work can start on repairing the bridge itself - it is hoped that the bridge will be opened to light traffic at this time.

NYCC Press Release 16-8-00


WORK to complete the rebuilding of Mercury Bridge at Richmond is on schedule for early December senior engineers at North Yorkshire County Council have been told.

A meeting between the main contractors, Morrison Construction Ltd, and North Yorkshire County Council has shown that carrying out proper preparations for the site were a key part of the repair work.

Mike Moore, director of environmental services for North Yorkshire County Council, said: "There has been fantastic co-operation from everyone involved to reach the position we're now at. Some very impressive work has been done behind the scenes to progress the scheme as quickly as possible."

The damaged arches of the bridge must be supported before the repair to the stonework can begin. The steel support girders are now arriving on site and are being craned into position on the newly constructed temporary foundations in the river.

That work, which is already slightly ahead of schedule, should be completed by the end of August. Once the bridge is fully supported a detailed assessment will be carried out to determine the extent of the damage and the design requirements for the repair.

From September onwards it may be necessary to have one drilling rig working through the night. This will involve strengthening work to the central pier. Any noise and light intrusion will be kept to a minimum.

At that time an extensive risk assessment will also be carried out to see whether the bridge can be opened to pedestrians and light traffic. That may be possible by October.

Mr Moore said: "Thankfully it's not every day that we're having to repair a structure this old, but it is a really impressive working site and I would encourage anyone who wants to have a look to visit Richmond. There is a safe viewing area along The Batts and information boards have been installed."

Contact: Mike Moore at County Hall, ext 2124

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