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The pictures here show the first of new stone (left) being fitted to the concrete foundations.

This work has been delayed due to recent rain which has caused the river to overflow in to the cofferdam around the central pier.

Left and Above- The stone is lifted into position by the crane and then winched to the precise location and fixed in place using a mix of ground stone and hydraulic lime with no cement - similar to the original construction.

Right - Inside the cofferdam - stones being placed on the concrete foundations.

Left - The first course of stone in place, the arch will be built upon this, some of the new stones weigh well over 2 tonnes - the stone being placed here weighs approximately 1/2 tonne.


18/11 Left - After a few delays at the beginning of this week, the stonework is now taking shape. The central pier is about halfway complete - If there ar no more delays the work should be completed by mid December.

The clean up operation once the work is finished will probably start in the spring.

NYCC Press Release 03-11-00


DESPITE the current poor weather conditions, every effort is being made to complete the reconstruction by Christmas, subject to the number of flood incidents which occur.

The temporary bridge was closed last Saturday night and Sunday morning after a rapid rise flood alert was issued by the environment agency.

While the repairs are being carried out, the bridge's temporary works are being constantly monitored. The flood alert that was issued indicated that the temporary works supporting the damaged sections of the bridge could be overtopped.

In the interests of public safety the road was closed until engineers could be satisfied that the flood was subsiding and there was no damage to the temporary supports in the river.

Masonry for the reconstruction of the damaged central pier is now on site and when the river level drops sufficiently construction of the pier will commence.

Contact: Mike Moore at County Hall, ext 2124

NYCC Press Release 16-11-00


THE COST of rebuilding Richmond's Mercury Bridge will be more than £2million, according to the latest estimates.

Detailed masonry work to rebuild the central pier and the damaged parapet is now being carried out.

Although the schedule for the reopening of the bridge to two-way traffic by December is very tight, contractors are working flat out to meet the deadline. There is now no allowance in the schedule for further delays caused by severe weather conditions such as frost or ice. A number of days work have already been lost because of high river levels. Indeed during last week's severe weather the temporary bridge had to be closed for safety reasons.

Mike Moore, North Yorkshire County Council's director of environmental services, said: "There is still a programme in place to complete the reopening of the bridge to two-way traffic in December. Any deterioration in the weather, however, will cause further problems. "Everything possible is being done to complete the programme on schedule, but the people of Richmond and the surrounding communities should be aware that the clearing up operation and the complete reinstatement of the bridge will not be completed until next Spring."

Contact: Mike Moore at County Hall, ext 2124

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