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08/12 Left & left - The arches almost complete, the new front arch stones have been pre-shaped to match the original. The shape of the keystone can be clearly seen.

Above right - The first course of the new stone is pinned to the old by stainless steel bolts for added strength.

Right - At the request from the Environment Agency, two Bat roosts are being built into the arches, with access for the bats through a small hole on the underside of the arch. There is one bat roost in each arch.

08/12 Left - The face of the bridge above the central pier now complete with the new arches spreading from its centre. The area behind is in-filled with concrete.

16/12 Right - Work on the parapet gets under way - preparing for the bridge re-opening on 21 December. The road will be closed for a short time to allow removal of the temporary bridge which spanned the central pier and also for resurfacing.


17/12 Left - Resurfacing the road after removal of the temporary bridge.

NYCC Press Release 14-12-00


RICHMOND'S MERCURY BRIDGE is to re-open fully to traffic on Thursday, 21 December after a six month closure due to extensive flood damage.

However, to allow the resurfacing of the carriageway before opening, the bridge will have to be closed to all traffic from 7.00pm on Saturday, December 16 to 12noon on Sunday, December 17. Repairs will then continue to the bridge parapet. A skilled team of stonemasons is currently carrying out the work.

Mike Moore, director of environmental services for North Yorkshire County Council, said: "The severe flooding in November affected our work schedule and raised doubts as to whether we would complete the reconstruction on time. However I am delighted with the way the team responded and a massive effort by everyone involved in the project has meant that we have been able to meet our Christmas target."

Rebuilding the bridge parapet may not be complete before Christmas, and it may be necessary to protect the parapet with barriers.

Normal bus services across the bridge will resume from lunchtime on December 21. The free bus service provided by the county council linking both sides of the river will continue until 6pm on December 21.

The total cost of rebuilding the bridge will top the £2million mark according to the latest estimates.

Contact: Mike Moore at County Hall, ext 2124

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