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27/04 Above - The reinstatement of the mercury bridge site, will begin with the removal of the 25 tonne steel girders, starting on Monday 30 April.

After an unsuccessful search for a buyer for the steel girders, they will now be cut up on site and removed for scrap.


Left - The 25 tonne girders are removed. The concrete foundations which supported the girders will now be removed from the river bed.

Right - The first clear view of the repaired central pier

Left - The steel supports are cut up and removed

Below Left - The concrete supports for the crane being broken up with a heavy duty hammer.

Below Right - The pile foundations for the steel supports are also being broken up and removed

NYCC Press Release 17-4-01


THE completion phase for the rebuilding of Richmond's historic Mercury Bridge will start on Monday, April 23. Morrison Construction, the main contractors for the rebuilding project, expect the reinstatement programme to take until the Autumn to complete. Contractors will be working in the River Swale to remove safely more than 200 tonnes of steel which was used to support the bridge while the repairs were carried out. The temporary foundations will also be removed.

Detailed timing of the work will depend largely on the river level. The work will also involve re-seeding and re-planting areas affected by the construction work and rebuilding a wall which was opened up to get equipment on the site. There will also be some reinstatement of the banks and footpaths. Survey work is also being carried out in the river to ensure the protection work to the bridge piers has been effective and is not posing problems to the riverbed downstream.

Yorkshire Water is also planning to use the opportunity to modify the storm water outfall so the work doesn't cause further disruption later in the year.

Mike Moore, director of environmental services for North Yorkshire County Council, said: "There is still a fair amount of work which needs to be done in terms of restoration of the site."

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