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The collapse of Station Bridge, also known as Mercury Bridge, in June 2000 was nothing short of a disaster for the town.

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On the weekend of 3-4 June 2000, after some heavy rainfall the swollen river swale damaged the bridge at the base of the central pier. It has to be said that the amount of flooding that weekend was not out of the ordinary for the river, and it has been at higher levels quite regularly in the past.

Richmond Online - Photo - Station Bridge

Above and Left
These photos were taken on 5 June

Below: This photo was taken 2 days later, 7 June.

On Sunday, 4th June the bridge was closed to traffic, after the water had subsided and the bridge was seen to be damaged. The damage at this time was said to be "not too serious."

Richmond Online - Photo - Station Bridge
Richmond Online - Photo - Station Bridge

On Wednesday 7th June the inevitable further collapse occurred and the bridge was completely sealed off.

The Richmond Business and Tourism Association said "the closure of this main access route to Richmond has been disastrous for the businesses in the town, retail has been the worst hit"

Richmond Online - Photo - Station Bridge

Work has now been done to reinforce the base of the arches on the Green Bridge further up river, after scouring was discovered.

Mr. Mike Moore, the director of environmental services for NYCC has assured the people of Richmond that this was a precautionary exercise and that the Green Bridge is not in danger of collapse. He also said the last visual inspection of Station bridge was carried out on 1999. The last major inspection was in 1995

An archive, following the progress of the rebuilding of the bridge can be seen here

Richmond Online - Photo - Station Bridge
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