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Dales Lodge of Freemasons

A charitable organisation raising funds for international,national and local charities

The Dales Lodge of Freemasons is a daylight lodge, which means that unlike most lodges, it meets during the day.  There a five meetings a year held at the Freemason Lodge in Newbiggin.

There has been much said about Freemasonary being a secret organisation.  It is not.  It is an organisation with secrets.  During the second world war the Nazi's believed the Masons to be a very powerful force throughout the world, Winston Churchill was a Mason, and decreed that all Masons would be executed.  Due to that directive Freemasons, understandably, went very low profile, hence the secret society idea was spawned.

Freemasonary does have secrets within the organisation, for example the handshake.  The purpose of that is so that fellow Freemasons can recognise each other without the need of membership cards or certificates of qualification.  Different handshakes denote different qualification.  It is as simple as that.

Charity work.

What most people outside the organisation do not realise is; the charity work that Freemasonary does throughout the world.

When there a a disaster, anywhere in the world, Freemasons are one of the first to donate financial help to the stricken area, usually a six figure sum.  In the UK they have helped with flood disasters and other events where cash is needed quickly.

Yes they do also look after each other.  There are special charities for the children of Masons and any Mason on hard times can apply for help.

Most the funds raised for Masonic charities are from the Masons themselves.

Photo; £600 donated to the Local British Heart Foundation

Contact information for this organisation:

Barry Brack Secretary Email:

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