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Richmond and Catterick Circle Dancing



What is Circle Dancing?

Of course we dance in a circle so there is no need to bring a partner.

Everyone is welcome.

We are a relaxed, friendly group, and the emphasis is to have fun!

We dance to many different styles of music from many different cultures. We keep alive the traditional 

village dances which were originally danced in a circle, in celebration according to the calendar.

Nowadays modern Circle Dances have steps choreographed to music by Joan Baez, Bob Marley, Abba amongst many others.

If you love music come along and try it out.

Research has proved that dancing in a circle is beneficial for both mind and body, as well as uplifting to mood. You will make new friends and improve your quality of life.

There are no special requirements....if you can walk you can dance.

Wear loose comfortable clothing and flat soft soled shoes. 

We meet every Tuesday evening Booth Hall Catterick Village 7.00 til 8.45pm

Contact information for this organisation:

Sue Mellish. Lead Tel: 01748 850471. 07517 380 136 Email:

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