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The Fellmongers Company of Richmond

The Fellmongers Company of Richmond in Yorkshire, is an ancient craft and trading company which has its origin in the Middle-Ages.

Fellmonger: a dealer in fells or sheepskins, who separates the wool from the pelts.

The Richmond Fellmongers probably began as a religious fraternity whose members, drawn from the same occupation, met for worship having their own shrine and observing their own saint’s day. The Company (or Guild) was originally made up of skinners and glovers and was for long so described but latterly it became known by its present title.

Richmond Market PlaceMembership includes both men and women and the Company invites the widows of deceased members to continue as Companions. There is a provision too, for honorary membership of the Company. The Company seeks to promote fellowship and friendship and provides an opportunity for members to meet people in varying walks of life.

Twice a year in January and October the members dine together and are joined by their guests including civic and military representatives and the Masters of other Companies from London and York.

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Mike Wood. Past Master and Clerk to the Company Email:

The White House 35 HIigh Green Catterick Village North Yorks DL10 7LN

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