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HMS Richmond

HMS RICHMOND a Type 23 Duke Class frigate, entered service in 1995 and is the eighth to bear the name, having been built by Swan Hunter on Tyneside in 1993.

Powerful and versatile with the capability to operate anywhere in the world, the Type 23 frigate is the mainstay of the modern surface fleet.

She emerged from a comprehensive £20 million upgrade package in 2012 and is one of the most capable warships in the world.

HMS Richmond

A multi-purpose design, with the capability to operate in almost any maritime role anywhere in the world, the Type 23 or 'Duke' Class frigates are equipped with a variety of weapons systems that allow this class of vessel to engage in a wide range of operations from a full conventional war fighting role to disaster relief and constabulary operations such as counter-drugs, counter-terror and counter-piracy.


HMS Richmond & Richmond North Yorkshire

HMS Richmond was granted the Freedom of the Borough in 1996 and the ship’s company last exercised Freedom rights in February 2005 when it marched through the town’s streets.

It also maintains a close liaison with the 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards) and is affiliated to one of Richmond’s ancient guilds – the Company of Mercers, Grocers and Haberdashers.


Vertical Launch Sea Wolf Harpoon missile systems
114mm(4.5inch) gun
Towered array sonar
StingRay torpedoes
Lynx or EH101 Helicopter.

Standard Displacement 3,500 tonnes
Length 133 metres
Beam 16.2 metres
Complement 185

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