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Town Council CrestRichmond Town Hall

The Town Hall is and has always been, the focal point of Richmond's civic and social life.

Richmond Town Hall - Old Court

The Town Hall was originally built by the Borough Corporation as an Assembly Room in 1756 to provide a large meeting place and events room for the hectic social season which existed in Richmond during the Georgian Period - Races were held, Balls given and Plays presented at the Georgian Theatre Royal which was completed in 1788.


The Town Council

Richmond Town Council came into being in 1974 as the successor to Richmond Borough Council which was abolished in the same year. It continues to meet in Council Chamber which was fitted out by Waring and Gillow in 1956.

the town hall chamber

Under the re-organisation of local government carried out in 1974 the Town Council lost most of its’ duties and responsibilities to the newly created Richmondshire District Council. However it did manage to retain the titles and ceremonial roles of both the Mayor and Town Clerk as well as an impressive entourage which includes a Bannerman, Freedom Sword Bearer, tow Halberdiers and a both a Senior Sergeant at Mace and a Junior Sergeant at Mace.

Within what is now called the Common Hall we find the only remaining Georgian Court of the four which previously existed in Richmond. This historic Court was extensively restored in 2002 and recalls the time when the Mayor of Richmond was one of the most senior judicial figures in the North of England

The Town Mayor still carries out many ceremonial and social duties each year.

The Office is open each weekday between 09.30am and 12.30pm. Tel: 01748 850808

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