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About Richmond OnLine - Frequently asked questions

Who, What & Why

Put simply, because we love where we live!

Richmond OnLine is the community website for Richmond, designed and maintained by Andrew Russell of Moonburst.

Started in 1999, Richmond OnLine was created to promote Richmond to a global audience, to encourage visitors to the town and to produce a centre of information for the local community.

How is Richmond Online Funded?

Richmond OnLine is privately funded through advertising and sponsorship along with the continued input from Moonburst.

Is Richmond OnLine part of Richmond Town Council?

We are not linked to, or funded by, the RTC. Visit the Town Council Website (off-site link)

Is Richmond OnLine part of Richmondshire District Council?

We are not linked to, or funded by, the RDC. Visit the Richmondshire District Council Website (off-site link)

Is Richmond OnLine linked with English Heritage?

We are not linked to English Heritage though we have some pages about English Heritage locations (e.g. Richmond Castle) using information supplied by them. The English Heritage logo is visible around the site on relevant pages.

How do I advertise on this web site?

Because of our unique relationship with Moonburst, we can offer very reasonable rates for advertising your business and becoming a partner. To advertise on this website contact the Richmond Online office. More information about advertising on Richmond OnLine can be found here.

Who uses the web site?

Our logs indicate that the website is extensively used throughout, with visitors from all over the world as well as many local visitors.

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Richmond Online
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