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18th Century Walled Garden In Richmond To Open For National Garden Scheme
Tuesday - August 8, 2017
Mr. Yorke’s Walled Garden was built by John Yorke, who lived with his wife, Anne, in a 17th century mansion, which stood near the Green by the banks of the River Swale. Their Richmond estate included the house, stables (now the car park on the Green), formal gardens (much loved by Anne), the walled kitchen garden, the Green Walk, Culloden Tower and Temple Grounds

The mansion was demolished in the early 19th century, and the Walled Garden was later used as a market garden. In the 1980s it was planted with a variety of interesting saplings that were to be grown on for sale, but many were left and are now mature. 

The current owners, Dennis and Marcia McLuckie, bought the garden in 2007 and having renovated the gardener’s cottage and built their home within the garden walls, started to create an individual, interesting and productive garden. They have retained the framework of trees for the design of their new garden. 

Marcia recalled, “When we moved here the garden was completely overgrown with brambles running up through the trees and along the ground, convolvulus sprouting everywhere and quite a bit of hardware to be disposed of! It was almost impossible to walk through the garden without shears or secateurs! It looked an insurmountable task, but we approached it a bit at a time and we now have a beautiful garden, although is still a lot to do!” 

In recreating the garden, the couple have kept the line of original paths to show how the garden was laid out. There are now a long, wide herbaceous border, ponds, mature trees, standard and climbing roses, vegetables, fruit trees, lawns and grassy paths. However, this is still a garden in change, as Dennis and Marcia continue clearing it of rampant brambles, self-sets and weeds, to add further to the enjoyment of this one-acre pleasant, tranquil town garden.

Marcia continued, “We can’t claim to have done all the work ourselves. We both worked full-time when we came to live here, and we didn’t have time to do it all, so we did have help, but I retired earlier this year and have more time to devote to it all. I am really pleased with what Dennis and I have achieved. It is such a lovely, tranquil place, and I am very pleased that we are able to open it for charity.”

This is the first time Mr. Yorke’s Walled Garden will have opened for the National Garden Scheme. Some areas are still inaccessible, but as work continues more of the garden will be opened up and planted for visitors to enjoy in years to come.

Mr. Yorke’s Walled Garden, Cravengate, Richmond, DL10 4RE. Open for the National Gardens Scheme on Sunday 13th August, 1 – 5.30pm. Admission for adults is £5.00. Children under 16 are admitted free. Homemade cakes and scones, teas and coffees will be on sale and there will be a plant stall.

There is no parking or drop-off at the garden Visitors are asked to park in Newbiggin, the Market Place or car parks at Nuns Close and The Green. The garden is on a hill. Main grass paths are accessible with a wheelchair, but they are quite steep.

For further information please see the National Garden Scheme website  or email

Photo: Culloden Tower from Mr. Yorke’s Walled Garden © Guy Carpenter
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