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Time-Travel Classic Challenges The Future
Tuesday - March 20, 2018
H G Well’s classic time-travelling tale is brought right up-to-date with a highly acclaimed piece of solo theatre that will be performed at Richmond’s Georgian Theatre Royal on Friday 6 April.

The Time Machine is being toured by Dyad Productions who present a captivating and clever adaptation of the Victorian novella, written to be naturally close to the original yet immediately palatable to a modern theatre audience. 

Well’s original concerns for the decline and degeneration of society in 1895 are still highly relevant today and brought to the forefront of the production. At one level it is sci-fi escapism and at another level it is a strong warning to humanity, suggesting a future that partly lies in our hands.

Stephen Cunningham takes on the role of the time-traveller himself – less the classical hero and more of an ‘aspergian supergenius’. There are also clear yet subtle modern-day allusions towards Dr Who, a theme also echoed in the Tardis-like sounds of the Time Machine's operation.

The Time Machine follows Dyad Productions recent touring successes of Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, Dalloway, Female Gothic, I, Elizabeth, The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe and Austen;’s Women.

Tickets from £8 to £21 are available from the Box Office on 01748 825252 or via the online booking service on

PHOTO: Stephen Cunningham is a solo tour de force in an adaptation of HG Well’s The Time Machine


 ‘The Time Machine is intelligent, disruptive and something important to see and reflect upon.’ (FringeReview)

★★★★★ ‘Outstanding… Amazing… Magic’ (Edinburgh Southside Advertiser)

★★★★ ‘Terrific… grips the imagination… ideas spit off the narrative like sparks from a welder’s torch’ (Quentin Letts, Daily Mail)

★★★★ ‘Brilliant… Captivates and amazes’ (British Theatre Guide)

★★★★ ‘Pioneering…expertly hammers home the horror of our inevitable downfall’ (The List)

★★★★ ’An amazing journey into the future… a theatrical treat’ (Pocket Size Theatre)

★★★★ ‘Brilliant… eloquent… relevant in its observations of the future.’ (Geek Chocolate)
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