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Turn Your Surplus Apples And Pears Into Delicious Juice And Cider
Thursday - October 4, 2018
If you are an apple or pear grower or know someone who is, then you'll appreciate that 2018 has produced a bumper crop.  However, as much as you might love eating tasty fresh fruit and baking it into pies and crumbles, there is a limit as to how much of that abundant harvest can be consumed before the rot sets in.

To help with this seasonal dilemma, the organisers of Richmond's Real Ale Festival are offering a FREE fruit pressing service.  All you need to do is gather up your apples and pears and bring them along to The Comrades Club in Newbiggin on Saturday, 13th October.  The press will be operating from 11 am until 4 pm.   

CAMRA, the festival hosts, are looking to log the location of participating apple trees to profile the town’s fruit production and will measure acidity and sugar content to assist a suitable blend for juice and cider flavour.  Microbiology will also be profiled to identify the local strains of yeast.

Natural cider fermentation takes up to six months so it will be some time before the character of Richmond Cider is known but it should be worth the wait when there will be a public tasting at the 2019 Ale Festival.

Even if you don't have a ready stock of your own fruit, you'll be most welcome and can participate in the actual pressing or simply watch.  Also while the pressing is taking place you can also sample around 30 different beers and ciders that are being featured in this year's festival.

If you want to take away the juice from your pressing session make sure you bring along some bottles when you come.

The session will be conducted on a drop-in basis but it would be useful if offers of help were notified in advance to
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