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Masked Drama Reveals The ‘Not-So-Swinging’ Sixties
Saturday - April 30, 2016
A play exploring the experiences of unmarried teenage mothers in the sixties who were coerced into giving up their babies for adoption is to be performed at The Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond on Tuesday 3 May at 7.30pm.

The Best Thing is the latest touring production from Vamos Theatre – the UK’s leading mask theatre company who premiered the show to sell-out audiences at the London International Mime Festival earlier this year.

In a totally wordless piece of drama, the play highlights the plight of those women whose babies were forcibly taken away on the grounds that it was “the best thing” for them and their children. It adds a voice to the ongoing campaign, the Movement for an Adoption Apology that is seeking contrition from the British Government for women who have suffered in this way.

The story reveals the swinging - and not so swinging – aspects of the 1960s through action music and fashion. It charts the story of one young woman, Susan, who accidentally becomes pregnant, but also spans 50 years to show the emotional effects on the daughter who is given up for adoption. 

The Best Thing is currently touring venues across the UK until July and has received fantastic reviews from audiences and critics alike:

“The mask work is terrific: as ever with this talented company, it’s something of a surprise when the cast remove their masks at the end and their youthful features belie the elderly or middle-aged characters they have so fully inhabited. We may have heard this story before but Vamos make it seem fresh and necessary all over.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian.

“hugely rewarding”(*****) The Stage

The production is suitable for ages 12+ and is equally accessible to hearing and deaf audiences.

Tickets are priced from £7-£20 and can be purchased at the Box Office on 01748 825252 or online at 
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