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Snow White Gets Saksy Look For Panto!
Friday - November 25, 2016
As The Georgian Theatre Royal prepares to raise the curtain on its annual pantomime, the creative team has been seeking expert advice from one of the region’s top hairdressing and beauty salons.

Set in the glitzy world of Art Deco Hollywood, this year’s production of Snow White is recreating the look of the era, which includes hair, make-up and costume, as well as set design and props.

Snow White is portrayed as an up-and-coming starlet looking for her big break on the silver screen and to help create her fashionably glamorous 1920s/1930s hairstyle, stylists from Saks Hair and Beauty at Sedbury Hall near Richmond have been called in to help.  

Clare Allen, Director of the pantomime, said: “Our designers produced some wonderful images of how the Snow White character should look but actually creating the desired style can be difficult, especially as women today don’t tend to be familiar with techniques such as setting waves and pinning rolls of hair! 

“Emily Essery, who plays the character of Snow White, has fabulous shoulder length hair but we needed to be able to set and dress it according to the style of the era. The team at Saks have been great at showing us how to master these skills, as well as advising on make-up and nails to complete the look.”

Anna Clinton, owner of Saks at Sedbury Hall, said: “It has been great fun helping out with this rather unusual request. We dress a lot of hair for proms and weddings so it was a question of doing some research into the style and then using the most appropriate techniques to achieve it. We then had to show Emily how to recreate the look herself for the actual performances, using a lot of hairspray and grips to keep it in place during the two-hour show.”

There are around 60 performances of Snow White which runs from Saturday 3 December until Sunday 8 January 2017.
Tickets from £9 to £22 are available from the Box Office on 01748 825252 or via the online booking service at

PHOTO:  Saks appeal! - Emily Essery is given a makeover from the hair and beauty team at Saks Sedbury Hall in preparation for her role as Snow White in The Georgian Theatre Royal’s pantomime. Pictured from left to right are Sue Dickinson, Laura Porter and Anna Clinton.
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