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Find your feet
23 Apr 23 , 2022 Saturday

Find your feet

News Editor



It’s easy to get your bearings in Richmond, there’s the large cobbled market place and the river to help orientate yourself. The ‘mond’ part of the town’s name refers to our commanding position on a hill, so if you walk down some of our lovely streets and wynds towards the river, you know you’re going to have to head back up again to get back to where you started. The market place has spread out from what was originally the castle’s outer bailey, and there are only four main ‘spokes’, now roads, leading in or out of it. If you walk round in circle, you’ll always find your way back in again.

Having said all that, why not just pick up one of our handy town map leaflets when you get here. Available from all the town’s attractions and Richmond Information Centre. You can also download and print a town plan ahead of your visit.

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