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First among Richmonds
26 Apr 26 , 2022 Tuesday

First among Richmonds

News Editor



We’re the original Richmond! Well, it’s an enduringly popular claim, so we’re sticking to it.

People have lived here since well before 1066 and the Norman Conquest, but it was the French invaders who really put the town on the map. Our ‘strong hill’ quickly led to the establishment of a settled community here, and over time other Richmonds were named. Sometimes people turn up at The Georgian Theatre Royal expecting to see a play that’s actually being performed in Richmond Upon Thames, but apart from that, there’s usually very little confusion.

There are 105 Richmond’s scattered throughout the globe, including three Richmond Castles and there are more Richmonds than any other British-named place worldwide. If you visit Richmond Castle, you can see their locations on the map. If you live in one of them, the team at the castle would love you to send them a photo so they can build a visual map of Richmonds of the world.

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