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High life expectancy for Richmond folk!
15 Apr 15 , 2024 Monday

High life expectancy for Richmond folk!

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Richmond with its rich history, stunning scenery and vibrant community is where you are most likely to reach 100 years old according to a recently published article in The Daily Express.

The claim is based on a study conducted by experts at Mobility Solutions Direct using data sources like the UK Health Index via the Office for National Statistics. Richmond was found to have an overall life expectancy score of 120 with second place going to Elmbridge, a borough in Surrey, with a score of 118. Windermere and Sedbergh ranked third with 116.

The article goes on to cite Richmond's "breathtaking natural beauty" and describes its well preserved Georgian architecture, elegant townhouses, shops and pubs and the town's "vibrant cultural scene", whilst also mentioning the historic gems of Richmond Castle and The Georgian Theatre Royal.

Read the full article here.




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