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30 Jun 30 , 2022 Thursday

New look for

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Have you noticed a change in this website? This is because it has recently been re-launched for the benefit of locals and visitors.

A team from the town’s visitor attractions has worked together to restructure and refresh the site which has long been a source of valuable information on the town.

Fiona Hall, Communications and Commercial Manager at the Green Howards Museum, said: “The strength and reach of the domain cannot be underestimated. It is an incredibly powerful information and promotional tool, and we are very excited to be driving it forward.

“The site has been a great resource for many years, but, like all websites, it needed a periodic refresh. Local web designer, Andy Russell initially created the site and had been looking after it for many years but the time had come when he wanted to pass on responsibility for it. He transferred ownership to us so that we could run the website on a partnership basis for the benefit of the whole town.” is designed to be of interest to visitors as well as those living in the town and includes information, including the logistics of parking and finding your way around, downloadable maps and walking trails, a what’s on section, plus bitesize chunks of information about the town’s history, landmarks and attractions, customs and traditions.

The work has been carried out on behalf of Welcome to Richmond; the attractions subgroup of Original Richmond Business and Tourism Association.

If you are running an event in Richmond, you can use the online form in the what’s on section of this website to request a slot in the listings.

Accommodation providers who featured on the site before the refresh are currently being contacted so they can update their information; the places to stay directory will be published in due course.

Community organisations who would like to be featured, but do not currently have a listing, can request one by emailing

For any information about the site, please get in touch using the contact form.

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