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Weekend invasion
14 Sep 14 , 2023 Thursday

Weekend invasion

at Richmond Castle

News Editor



Have you heard? The Normans are planning a new invasion.

This weekend, you'll be transported back almost a thousand years to experience the sights, sounds, and possibly smells, of life in our Norman town, when the paint was barely dry on Richmond's famous 11th century castle.

For two days, from 10am to 5pm on Saturday 16 September and Sunday 17 September, visitors will be able to interact with members of Conquest, the Norman re-enactment society, who are taking up residence at the town's most imposing landmark.

See the surgery and armoury, heft a sword or try on a hauberk; discuss the fashions of the time or listen to the Norman cooks and try some of the foods that would grace the tables of the men who made up the garrison. Then observe as they train daily to keep their fighting skills in trim.

English Heritage members get free admission.

Booking not essential, but if you are a non-member and you book online, you get a 10% discount.


Learn more about Richmond's eventful history here.

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